Very excited to share my new album ‘Love here listen’ which is released today. 

This album’s central theme is hope. If you are prepared to hear it/see it there is good all around us. It’s a choice we can make to choose love not fear. Sounds easy but I struggle with this daily even though I think about it a lot and try to practice it. It is there though and when I manage to snap myself out of all my broken records (topical ✌️) I’m never let down. Whether it be a friend, family or even nature, if I calm my thoughts down there is so much to be thankful for and hopeful about. This is not to ignore the hurt out there it’s just to balance the view you have. I’m so proud of this record, I hope these messages come through in the music and maybe helps in some small way. Take care out there. Love to you all 🙏❤

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