Very pleased to share with you a new collection of recordings – the tidal pool tapes.  I, along with my good friend and collaborator Ghost Culture, raided the Barbarossa back catalogue to record stripped back versions on my battered piano, glass of red at hand, candles burning, returning the songs to their original form.

The idea for this stemmed from some live sessions I did around the release of my last full length album Lier last year. I really enjoyed playing them in their simplest form and thought it could be nice to record them in this way as alternative versions for people to hear. It’s how I wrote many of the new ones too, just on the piano in my home studio by the sea. I called them ‘the tidal pool tapes’ as I have a tidal pool at the end of my road and swim all year round. It grounds me every time I swim there.  That feeling from re connecting with the sea/nature filtered into those songs and these new recordings. ‘

For all your tidal pool tapes streaming and download options go HERE.

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